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Endomet Supplements  


Is This For You Appointment ~ $60

This is a phone appointment with Dr. Bloom, to offer you the time to ask any questions you have regarding the program and determine if this program is for you before you commit. If you decide to commit, the fee will be applied to the initial consultation fee. This appointment can be scheduled online or by email.

Initial Consultation ~ $275   

-Hair analysis test
-Interpretation of the results  
-Custom program designed by Dr. Bloom
An additional fee may apply for out of area in-home appointments. Spouse and children discounts may be offered, so please ask if interested in a family program. This appointment can be scheduled online, by email, or by phone. 


Supplements are an additional fee each month ranging in prices based on your needs ($100-250). Supplements are ordered from Endomet Labs.  


$150 Retesting

A repeat hair mineral analysis test is recommended to every 3-6 months, because your body chemistry will start to change in following the rebalancing program. Through repeating the hair analysis, Dr. Bloom can track the changes as they occur and can adjust your program and change your supplements as needed. The retesting fee includes a hair test kit (mailed to you), hair analysis lab fee, and a follow up phone appointment once results are received and reviewed by Dr. Bloom. If you are requesting Dr. Bloom to perform the hair test and/or wish to have an in-person follow up appointment there is an additional fee.



Please Note Dr.Bernard Bloom, Pharm D. Is NOT a Medical Doctor. Dr.Bloom will assist in your journey of nutritional balancing to help reduce stress and balance body chemistry. He does not diagnosis, provide treatment or prescribe for any condition or disease. Dr.Bloom will not replace your Medical Doctor or Healthcare Provider.